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5 Vegan Beauty Brands You Have To Try

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World history will not record that human beings have been cruel to animals, it may be a fact that some members of the human race might be, but the majority aren’t. Most countries in the world have legal mechanisms to ensure that cruelty to animals is addressed and those who are guilty of such crimes are punished.

The issue of cruelty to animals came into focus as early as the year 1800 when the British Parliament turned down a bill to establish an act to address this contentious issue.

Since then many attempts were made by prominent activists to bring about legislation because it was the only way that cruelty to animals which was prevalent at the time, could be addressed forcefully and anyone guilty of such acts to be brought before the law.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the oldest animal welfare charity was formed in the year 1824 and vigorously campaigned to bring about appropriate legislation and is presently the largest in the world with about 1667 employees in their cadre.

A couple years before in 1822 the Martin’s Act, brought forth by Richard Martin animal rights campaigner and Member of Parliament was passed by the British Parliament to protect some animals specifically named but did not include bulls.

Subsequently many amendments and new bills were brought and passed by the British Parliament and with Queen Victoria recognizing the work of the RSPCA in the year 1840, providing it that all important charter, after which the society was able to affix the Royal stamp of approval on it.    

Today though some humans are still lacking in the humane treatment of all animals, the overall situation is far better than what it was a few decades ago and with legislation in place those accused of such cruel acts could be brought before the law and prosecuted. Animals do not need human laws to protect them but it is our fervent duty to ensure that we treat them as we would treat our fellow human beings because they too have a right to live along with us.

Towards this end the Vegans who are sadly just a fraction of the seven billion population of the world are trying to do their very best to initiate a sense of responsibility in others, to ensure that we treat animals the way they should be treated, with kindness and care. It is the duty of each and every one of us to ensure that we use Vegan products and commit ourselves to this very humane and meritorious act.

Vegan Make Up Brands

For those of us who would like to project beauty on the outside, would be better advised to project it within us too, and be prudent to think of all those animals that are still being abused to bring the beauty products we use on to the shop shelves.

After extensive research the introduction of vegan beauty brands none of which have been tested on animals has revolutionized the way you could look as beautiful as ever and knowing well that you are not party to any cruel acts performed on innocent animals.

We have compiled the five best vegan cosmetic brands available in the market to help you in making the right choice which would be to live and let live, especially the animals of this world who have no voice of their own and it is we who would have to speak up for them.

What better way than to abstain from using beauty products tested on animals and get our glow back from the many vegan cosmetics brands available in the market.

Vegan Cosmetics Brands

#1. Arbonne

A truly international vegan brand and proudly displays the 100% vegan stamp and offers a wide range of vegan make up brands, for the discerning beauty conscious and animal loving individual.

The products in the Arbonne Intelligence range are quite impressive with the nightly resurfacing solution presented with soft and smooth pads to give your face that much needed clean up after a busy day at work.

Careful initiatives are set in place to ensure that the 100% animal free stamp of approval is maintained with very high standards of quality control at the manufacturing facilities in all their vegan beauty brands.

#2. Nature's Gate

All vegan cosmetic brands manufactured by Nature’s Gate are certified free of any type of animal products and have not been tested on animals.

They are all free of phthalates, petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oil, sulfates, parabens and are manufactured to international standards from plant and fruit extracts.

Animal based products could have long term effects on certain sensitive skins but not when you use plant and fruit based Nature’s Gate which would give any type of skin that smooth silky look and whilst cleaning would nourish too.

#3. Le Labo

Le Labo is a leader in good quality vegan beauty brands with scents and perfumes for every occasion.  Whether you are going out to buy your groceries, attending office, going to your kid’s school or just about going anywhere, they are just what you would need to wear to give others around you a lingering fragrance that they would hold in their breadths for a long time after you have left.

There are shower gels, oils and lotions which are all from natural ingredients and would protect and nourish skin.

#4. Sibu Beauty

The sea buckthorn, a specialty fruit grown in the mountains of the Himalayas is the perfect base for all vegan cosmetic brands from this international company specializing in skin care products.

The range includes a good lineup of body creams, face masks and balancing facial cleaners which contain omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids for healthy skin.

#5. SpaRitual  

Keep the glitter and glow around you with these high quality products made in carefully controlled manufacturing facilities to stand you out from the crowd.

An impressive range of skin care products and one of the best vegan make up brands available in the market to all those discerning beauties around.

Vegan Cosmetic Brands

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Mary Jackson

March 18, 2019

Hi, your lists of vegan products is great. Thanks. I’m just curious though. My eyes, for some reason, like to leak a lot. Especially in winter. So any mascara, well leaks down my face…..
Is there any vegan mascara that does not leak?


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