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'Be Kind To Animals'

'Be Kind To Animals'

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Perhaps you believe you were a golden retriever in your past life, or a lizard because of your obsession with sunbathing. In that case, you have a vested interest in treating every creature with care, because that could be you! But even if reincarnation isn't your cup of tea, the compassion you show towards the less powerful is a measure of your capacity to love and act ethically. "Be Kind To Animals," and not just the dogs and cats that are convenient. Gerbils, hamsters, turtles and birds might be protected by their owners, but pets aren't the only ones with feelings, thoughts and pain. The goats, horses, cows and pigs of this world suffer tremendously as they are slaughtered for the carnivore's diet. The vegetarian and vegan are showing their empathy with every rejection of steak or pork, so jump on the kale wagon and discover the wonders of fruits and veggies. Then there are the snakes, sharks, tigers and bears of the world -- the ones who scare many and leave us squirming away from our innate desire to do good. Don't let difference create such rifts that we send species into endangerment and extinction. Prove that you value this complex, intertwined world in all it's diversity by respecting everyone, their ecosystems and the ozone layer and water levels that allow us to keep lapping up life.
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Sasha V.
Be Kind To Animals Shirt

I love my be kind to animals shirt. Such a simple, yet powerful statement! Go vegan!