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Avocado Fiend Vegan Hoodie

'Avocado Fiend' Hoodie

'Avocado Fiend' Hoodie



Some folks enjoy a dab of guac at a party now and then, but that doesn't even begin to describe your obsession. This soft, grey hoodie, however, does, because it brands you an, "Avocado Fiend," and lays out your mantra below: "Eat, Sleep, Avocado." If you're not already in love with its gothic font, then you're definitely down for that half avocado, half flower image in the center with spiffy leaf designs framing it, looking like a hipster tattoo. You're not just here for the classic guacamole or the trendy avocado toast; you're in it for the long haul. You're mixing this smooth fruit into your smoothies. You're popping one into your backpack with a spoon for an afternoon snack. You're scrapping off dropped chunks of deliciousness from the sleeves of your comfortable sweatshirt because there can never be enough avocado in your life, and that opinion is never gonna change.