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'Cool Beat Socks'

'Cool Beat Socks'



What is it about music that really moves you - Is it the melody, the harmony, the bass? No way! it's the beat! Now you can get these great new 'Cool Beat' socks to put the finishing touches on your most on-point outfits. Here's the thing though. These stylish socks feature the vegetables known as beets on a red field. What's that you say, they're not the same words? Well, go ask the remaining Beatles about the usefulness of homophones, and the creation of neologisms therein. These socks will be great style pieces whether you're in the recording studio or walking with headphones down the street. You can hear the onlookers now: "Hey, cool beats!"


  • 8" crew socks
  • Fits (approximately) shoe size 7-13 
  • Unisex