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'Floral Broccoli Carrot Socks'

'Floral Broccoli Carrot Socks'



Nature provides for us with so many gorgeous flowers and buds, from the singular rose to the gorgeous broccoli. Bedeck your limbs in blooms and buds of every color and flavor. Let these "Floral Broccoli Carrot Socks" make you feel like Aphrodite, blown to shore amid the blooms from Spring's sweet breath. Feel the plush cushiness like a meadow of wildflowers beneath your rosy toesies. Experience the comfort and the sudden rumbling in your tummy as you realize that you really didn't eat dinner tonight between all these web searches and those episodes of Game of Thrones. Yikes! Better pop some vegetables and legumes in the oven and call it a feast. At least your feet won't get sore in the kitchen with these soft sox keeping you cozy. Sigh. There's nothing like being vegan and animal friendly -- and looking good while doing it!

  • 8" crew socks
  • Fits (approximately) shoe size 7-13 
  • Unisex