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'Guac is Life' Infant Onesie White

'Guac is Life' Infant Onesie

'Guac is Life' Infant Onesie



The two best parts of life are these: guacamole and your baby. What else could possibly get more likes on Instagram than your fresh, homemade vegan dishes and the antics of your little tike? Enter, this shirt. It wraps your little one up in an adorable, soft tee that's all cotton and cute pictures of smiling avocados. It's completed with the mantra, "Guac is life." Watch your family light up at your infant's giggles while they tickle her tummy right on the pit of that equally sunny avocado. See how your loved ones unite around a healthy diet, ethical lifestyle and love for those kids who are going to keep making this place better and better until every single person on this fabulous planet gets to enjoy the majesty of guacamole.