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'Too Cute For Meat' Infant Onesie White

'Too Cute For Meat' Infant Onesie

'Too Cute For Meat' Infant Onesie



There's nothing more adorbs than those cute chubby baby cheeks, especially when they're touting the healthy glow of a vegan diet. So wrap your infant up in this soft tee that touts how he's, "Too Cute For Meat" with little sparkles and leaves drawn on for emphasis. Other folks might pass along second hand dairy and chicken in their breastmilk, but your family is saving the very best for your little munchkin. Nothing but pure, ethical veggie-powered milk for this baby! Your family cares about the world and plans to preserve it as best you can for this budding new generation, so spread the awareness in the cutest way you know how. Pretty soon, all the other parents will be flocking to nuzzle your kid and learn a thing or two about the joys of ethical eating.