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'Avocado Fiend'  Infant Onesie Athletic Grey

'Avocado Fiend' Infant Onesie

'Avocado Fiend' Infant Onesie



Some people's babies are cute and wear pink and sparkles. Some people's babes can be sated with a bottle and a smile. But yours... oh, no. Yours is an, "Avocado Fiend!" Your kid will roar for that guacamole and squeal for more avocado toast. So no pink for this little one; stick 'em in black with some feisty green font and an avocado drawing to drive your message home. You're raising a fierce vegan who knows what she wants. This kid's shirt may be cozy and soft, but the person growing inside it is the kind who will live in a tree to keep a pipeline from being built and march in the streets during school hours to force the government to do something about climate change. You're raising an awesome vegan kid, and you're making sure everybody knows it.