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'Born Vegan' Infant Onesie White

'Born Vegan' Infant Onesie

'Born Vegan' Infant Onesie



This baby didn't gestate on the deaths of cows, pigs and chickens. Her life was nurtured on your diet of fresh veg, fruits, legumes and fungi, because you're an ethical eater, and you're taking care of this world for the wellbeing of your infant and the rest of our next generation. This comfy tike tee says it like it is: "Born Vegan." In teal and baby blue, this text is underlined with a sprig of foliage, making it clear to the whole world that your family is animal-friendly and health-oriented from the parents right on down to the newborns. Spread the news: you're taking care of your little one, and you hope everyone else will jump on the amazing vegan-wagon too.