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'I'm Pretty Rad-ish' Infant Onesie White

'I'm Pretty Rad-ish' Infant Onesie

'I'm Pretty Rad-ish' Infant Onesie



Nobody’s cooler than your baby, especially when they’re wearing this cute t-shirt. I mean, just look at that radish all up on the front — it has shades AND swagger! As if that weren’t great enough, it has a blingy, star-spangled background and a phrase that lays it out like it is: “I’m pretty rad-ish!” Babies and puns. Nobody will ever be able to get enough! They’ll be sharing their kale chips and açaí berry smoothies with you just to hang with your fab infant and their fashionable shirts. And when you’re done with your friends and food, it’ll be time to pass along that vegan nourishment to your #1. Yours is a family of ethical eating, and you’re here to tell the whole world that being vegan is what all the cool kids are doing. I mean, just look at your little cutie — they’re rad-ish!