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'Made to be Vegan' Infant Onesie White

'Made to be Vegan' Infant Onesie

'Made to be Vegan' Infant Onesie



You fed your babe on wholesome vegan fare long before they were ever born, so now that they’ve entered the great, wide world, swaddle them in this soft cotton tee that declares the ultimate truth: “Made to be Vegan.” Your baby will be so cute that everyone will want to tickle their tummy and eat the little leaves straight off that sweet shirt design. There’s nothing like some produce and ethical wording to draw the whole neighborhood out to coo over your adorable mini-me. And when all the play has been quite enough, your infant will settle down for some healthy breast milk, filled with all the nutrients that you’ve been treating your own body to. Before long, that kid’ll be running around, building forts and identifying every wild flower, because you’ve kept them nourished on cabbage, beans, mushrooms and oranges. They know you love them and want the best world for them, because you’ve raised them vegan.