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'Powered by Plants' Infant Onesie White

'Powered by Plants' Infant Onesie

'Powered by Plants' Infant Onesie



Your baby is electric! Check out that soft, white tee. Look at those feisty lightning bolts across her chest. Check out that fabulous swagger. And it's all because your infant is, "Powered by Plants." Boom! There's nothing better than veganism to make your kid an intrepid playground explorer. There's no better drink than vegan breastmilk to prep them for a lifetime of ethical eating and world building. One block of tofu at a time, you're constructing a strong individual who will go out there and live their truth, fight with compassion and give hatred a run for its money. Your child is a game changer, so let the whole planet know it: your baby is green, all the way.