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the future is vegan onesie

'The Future is Vegan' Infant Onesie

'The Future is Vegan' Infant Onesie



The world might look like chaos, but you're a beaming optimist because you know that every person has a possible superpower: Veganism! While the world crumbles with every cow's CO2 emission and the destruction of natural habitats to create more pasture, you know that, "The Future is Vegan" -- just like the shirt says. This white t-shirt sends that message covered with sparkle and a healthy dose of foliage making it look extra purdy. You want the world to know that eating healthy is fun and that turning mushrooms, kale and beans into delicacies is easy and magical. We can all make the world a better place. We just need to all take that step into the future and become vegans. We've got this!