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'VEGAN Vegan Vegan' Infant Onesie White

'VEGAN Vegan Vegan' Infant Onesie

'VEGAN Vegan Vegan' Infant Onesie



Okay, so you and your baby steer clear of plastic bags about as religiously as meat. But when it comes to broadcasting your babe’s healthy lifestyle, there’s no greater irony then plastering on a cute t-shirt in the style of the grocery bags of old. With about a dozen silhouettes of the word “vegan” and one in block letters of bright red, your baby is ready to hit the pavement at the farmer’s market or co-op. While little Sammy enjoys the soft, white cotton of their trendy tee on their tummy, you’re loving those canvas bags that you’re loading up with the best kale, tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms the world has ever seen! When your infant breastfeeds tonight, they’ll be basking in the milk of ethical eating and plentiful nutrients. You’re not just a vegan person; you’re a vegan parent, heading up a full family of vegans — protecting the world one healthful meal at a time.