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'Avocado Socks'

'Avocado Socks'



"Avocado Socks!" The excitement is palpable, the sudden urge to make guacamole completely understandable. You're covered from foot to ankle in avocado after plush, comfy avocado. Where you once sang the praises of kale and quinoa, you're now confident in your all time favorite: this gorgeous green fruit of creamy deliciousness. There you are, you and your vegan, vegetarian, or vegetable loving self, wrapped up in a fluffy blanket with nothing but your warm, avocado-decked feet peeping out. Enter your roommate, The Carnivore, with a plate of slaughtered pigs and chickens. He wants to know how it could be that such an amazing sock was invented. You admit that you too were agog when you first laid eyes on the furry wonders, and describe to him the import of this food that comprises the central pillar of your healthy lifestyle. You describe the climate change implications of killing animals and not caring for your diet. His eyes come alight with the compelling knowledge you have bestowed upon him. He leaps up, declares his conversion to an avocado-centered vegan lifestyle, and runs to find his own pair of veggie or fruit covered socks. He can't help it -- you're a trend setter.


  • 8" crew socks
  • Fits (approximately) shoe size 7-13 
  • Unisex