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vegan af baby onesie

'Vegan AF' Infant Onesie

'Vegan AF' Infant Onesie



This kid might still be in diapers, but he's definitely, "Vegan AF." Read it and weep, folks! There's no ignoring that all caps green and black font with emphasis on the "A F." You're raising your babe right, with all the legumes, veggies and mushrooms her little heart could desire. Because if you're going to live an ethical lifestyle, you're not going about it halfway. Your whole family is along for the juiced up, healthy ride, from toddlers to retirees. Everybody is going to keep their carbon footprint small and ride this roller coaster of life as long as possible. So deck out your smallest trooper in a cozy white shirt that says it like it is; this family is vegan all the way. Just read the shirt.