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5 Vegan Shoe Brands That Are 100% Cruelty Free

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From time immemorial footwear have been made out of animal skin, even our forefathers who tread on Earth thousands of years ago used the skin of animals to make their footwear, which prevented damage to the soles of their feet.

Even in the present day, the majority of footwear of every kind and type are made out of animal skin because it is a byproduct of the meat industry which we consume profusely and quite regularly.

The simple fact is that, if we stop killing animals, there would not be any skin to make shoes and we would find an alternative source like what we have found now.

Vegan Shoe Brands

There are ample vegan shoe brands available in the market and some reputed brands with international recognition manufacture them whilst also guaranteeing their authenticity to be vegan but there is a dearth n supply because they are still unable to meet the high demand.

The best vegan shoes that are available in the market are not what you would think of them. They are stylish and crafted with care and would stand out among a collection of shoes where it would be difficult to differentiate them and the cruelly made leather shoes.

To obtain the leather for the shoes you wear takes cruelty to unprecedented levels and that is by not only killing the animal but consuming its flesh and then without any qualms skinning it for us to walk around with a spring in our stride.

It is envisaged that aspiring vegans would take a cue and support this very contentious issue by joining hands and ensuring that we save our planet by protecting animals and all other living things so that we would leave a healthier world for the generations to follow.

If we continue at the rate we are raping everything around us we would not have a place to live when the next generations follow       

# 1. Nike

Nike the leading sports accessories manufacturer who is a household name is following suit by gradually introducing the best vegan shoes under their brand label.

This is a progressive step in the right direction and should provide the impetus to other shoe manufacturers to also follow suit because the denial of animal rights has been a contentious issue and would be an inflated one going into the future.

Nike has always been a company conducting their business with the interests of the environment close to their heart, because they know that it is the people who buy and use all their products.

Nike following from the front has been well received by all vegan lovers and has been a tremendous boost to the cause and it is heartening to note that there are many who take this international issue quite seriously.  

Vegan Shoes Brands

# 2. Beyond Skin

One of the more popular among the list categorized as the best vegan shoe brands, it is manufactured in the United Kingdom and great care is taken to ensure that all the different components even down to the adhesive used is free of any animal fat.

The uniqueness of Beyond Skin is that it uses a 100% recycled totally post-consumer plastic microfiber called Dinamica to make its faux-suede shoes, which are designed stylishly to catch the eye of any shoe connoisseur.

Having brought out some stunning ladies designs in the past, they are planning to introduce their latest men’s collection too in the near future which would give all those animal lovers a chance to get their feet inside some of the best vegan shoes.    

# 3. Good Guys

A label which originated in Paris, France one of the fashion capitals of the world and manufactured under stringent conditions to ensure that no animal products are used under any circumstances in the process.

These men’s vegan shoes brands are very stylish indeed and the faux suede used is specially procured to ensure it is 100% free of any animal product or any animal is used cruelly in any of the facilities.

These are great shoes for discerning people and would give the wearer a sense of satisfaction wearing footwear that has been humanely manufactured.

Shoes need to be comfortable, elegant and stylish, they should be functional too, only then would they be seen as meeting all the major criteria hence craving for ones where animals have been slaughtered for us to have a pair of shoes in leather is soon coming to an end.

# 4. Bourgeois Boheme

Made by hand in Portugal by specially trained artisans this London based vegan shoe brands company ensures that they produce only quality state of the art luxury shoes for their discerning animal loving customers.

The major component material is Italian manufactured vegan leather and bears a certificate to endorse the fact and great care is initiated to bring out high class authentic designs.

The designs are all original and great care is taken to ensure that the high quality craftsmanship envisaged to being one of the best vegan shoes brands always upheld.   

The popular notion that some may harbor that vegan shoe brands are dull and not fashionable, then they should visit Bourgeois Boheme and take a leisurely look around because  look only then would they appreciate what high quality shoes they would be looking at.

# 5. Cri de Coeur

Born where designing is practiced to the optimum and where it is a way of life, Parsons the New School of Design has brought out this range of stylish and comfortable vegan shoes brands to offer not only footwear where the primary aim has been the welfare of animals but to give the wearer a sense of pride too.

Made from 100% recycled polyester in an elaborate process to ensure that the raw materials used and the manufacturing process are free of any animal products and not derived from any sort of cruelty to animals.

One of the top range of the best vegan shoe brands it lives up to its reputation by offering new designs very regularly and is always looking at new ways to ensure that the principles of veganism is always maintained.

Best Vegan Shoe Brands

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