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Lush Cosmetics & HSI Team Up for #BeCrueltyFree Campaign

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

Image via humane research Australia The Lush Cosmetics brand is making an awesome change to its popular New Shampoo Bar. Already a favorite with sustainability-minded consumers (no plastic bottles!), the cinnamon stick embedded in the bar is being replaced by a wooden stick that will carry a great cruelty-free message. The stick will have the #BeCrueltyFree hashtag and also a link to Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty Free campaign. Lush is already well-known as a cruelty-free beauty company, and now their collaboration with HSI will bring the anti-animal testing message to many millions of consumers. The message will be printed in both English and Chinese—the two most commonly used languages on social media. HSI reports that Chinese law requires animal...

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