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Burger King - Vegan Burgers Coming Soon!

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

Most vegans understand how frustrating eating on-the-go can be. Meal prepping is helpful most of the time. However, what happens when you find yourself hungry, on the road, and out of food? Thankfully, one of the biggest fast-food chains in the United States is about to provide some welcome relief.  MorningStar Farms recently announced that all of their vegetarian products will be 100 percent vegan in the next 3 years. So, what does this mean for you? Burger King currently offers a vegetarian MorningStar burger. Since they are happily hopping on the vegan train, Burger King will be too! That's right, Burger King will soon have a vegan burger on their menu. Don't worry about the bun either. Currently, Burger...

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