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Vegan Influencer 'Rawvana' Caught Eating Meat

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

In a shocking new video, vegan YouTube influencer Rawvana is seen with fish on her plate - and tries to hide it. At the time, she still claimed to be vegan on her channel. As a result, vegans across social media are outraged by her lies.

Rawvana Eats Fish


6 years ago, Rawvana adopted a raw vegan lifestyle. She touted its healing benefits on her YouTube channel. She still claims to support this lifestyle in her latest video. However, this leaves her almost 2 million followers wondering why she made this sudden switch to animal products after such a long vegan journey.

She recently uploaded an apology video. Rawvana went on to explain that she has been eating fish and eggs for the last 2 months. She claims that she made this choice for health reasons. Some of the issues she suffered from included period loss, yeast infections, and digestive problems.

Rawvana 'Apology' Video


She blames her health problems on her vegan diet. Understandingly, this is upsetting to those of us who thrive and live healthy lives as vegans.

First, her plant-based physician told her to adopt a strict vegan diet and take a supplement to heal her digestive issues. Rawvana refused that option. Next, she completed a water fast and lost her period shortly after that. She was underweight, stressed out, and losing sleep. All of these problems can cause period-loss. It's also vital to point out that your body can stop menstruating if you're not getting enough calories.

After gaining weight on a vegan diet, she got her period back.

Then she got a yeast infection. Rawvana seems to think that yeast infections are a serious health issue. On the contrary, they are extremely common among women. Plus, they can be cured with antibiotics which she also refused to take.

According to her, taking antibiotics isn't natural. However, she believes that eating fish from a restaurant is alright. She might be surprised to learn that according to researchers, fish is a major source of antibiotics.

Mic the Vegan recently uploaded a response to this. He points out her extreme lifestyle habits as the potential causes of her health issues. For example, he talks about her 25-day water fast. This fast was carried out with little to no medical supervision. Going without food for an extended time can easily cause digestive issues and other imbalances in the body.

Mic The Vegan Responds


Other vegan YouTube influencers have uploaded responses over the past few days as well. Both Happy Healthy Vegan and GojiMan have provided substantial vegan solutions for her health concerns in their videos. Their arguments along with Mic the Vegan's response highlight the fact that you can heal yourself with a vegan diet. GojiMan points out that she could have fixed her issues by taking antibiotics and maintaining the plant-based diet that her doctor recommended.

Rawvana has lost thousands of subscribers due to her dishonesty. People are rightfully outraged. Some influencers and followers have responded with name-calling and other hateful comments. It's easy to understand their anger. After all, she is still making money off her monetized videos that tout veganism and all its benefits. So, many people see this as hypocritical.

Rawvana claims that she hopes to return to a vegan diet in the future. As a result, vegan influencers like Mic the Vegan suggest that vegans should respond in a kinder fashion. After all, if all she receives is hate, she may feel more inclined to continue eating animal products.

With the recent wave of vegan flip-floppers, it's easy to get discouraged. However, these influencers only represent a small percentage of vegans. In fact, veganism is still expanding across the globe. In the past 5 years, the number of vegans living in the United States has risen over 600 percent. Now that's something to feel good about.

What are your thoughts about this? Let us know with a comment below!


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Lutrecia S Koffi

October 27, 2021

Unfortunately Miley Cyrus and Ellen DeGeneres recently began eating animal’s bodies again. Not sure how or why someone can do that. For me, it’s like growing up. Once I hit that phase in my life I never walked backwards. Also, living vegan, you learn things. Things like the way animals are treated cruelly both purposefully and inadvertently during their miserable lives in captivity or when people hunt them. Hunting displaces predator animals who would normally keep herd animals numbers healthy. Animals can also pass any diseases they might have to you when you feed on their bodies. It is well established how intensive “Factory Farming” throws the ecosystem off balance.
There’s no good reason for eating any animal and is, in large part, harmful to our surroundings. Be kind.


April 1, 2019

I basically watch YouTube because these people completely self-absorbed fuktards. I would rather be on YouTube promoting their s*** instead of getting a real job and contributing to society. If you want to call yourself a YouTube influencer because you influence kids that are 12 years old or the f******* generation of millennials that you represent.. than yes you are their Idol. a poor man’s version of Kylie Jenner or one of the friggin Jenners. I couldn’t care who you are …I have no idea I’ve never heard of you. The only thing that you’re sorry for is your loss of Revenue.

Jeff Baker

March 29, 2019

This is a good illustration of why the integrity of what it means to be authentically vegan must be protected.
And that once again, vegan is an ethical statement and not just a diet.
This woman was at most, raw plant based.
Any time we associate, or allow them to associate veganism to anything other than a commitment to help end the exploitation and killing of animals we’re showing disrespect to the term and most importantly to life.
Please let us remember we don’t choose to become vegan to benefit ourselves but to help animals.
Everything else that comes from being vegan is just a side benefit.

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