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6 Vegan Ramen Brands You Need to Try

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Ramen noodles. These delicious packets are often considered the best food for college students because they are so affordable! The cool thing is, you don't have to miss out because you are vegan. Not all ramen noodle brands come with a side of cruelty.

Sure, it's not great to eat ramen for each and every meal, but you can definitely make them a bit healthier by adding some of your favorite veggies - pea pods, sprouts, broccoli, and onion are all great additions! You could even add some tofu as a protein. Sounds good, right?
vegan ramen brand

Okay, now that you are totally sold on ramen, let's talk vegan products. When it comes to choosing a vegan ramen brand, you don't have to look too hard. There are a ton of great ramen products on the market - sans animal ingredients for your plant-based life. They don't sacrifice flavor, either. We're going to share some of our favorites with you today. If you are a gluten-free vegan, you're in luck because we are including plenty of options for you, as well.

Wait - Not All Ramen Is Vegan?

Unfortunately, no. It's important to know why some ramen brands are not vegan in the first place so that you can avoid grabbing the wrong brand. Some ramen products on the market are animal-based, featuring ingredients such as chicken fat, chicken stock, beef fat, beef stock, powdered cooked chicken, milk, and natural flavors. Natural flavors can be tricky, because it is a vague statement and may contain hidden animal ingredients. To be safe, it is always best to email or reach out to the brand and ask what "natural flavors" means to them. These types of ingredients are featured in the broth packets - but who wants ramen without the broth, right?
vegan ramen soup brands

Fortunately, there are a ton of vegan options available to you - many of them featuring organic ingredients without the addition of MSG and other additives that won't do your insides any favors. Here are some of our favorites.

Vegan Ramen Brands

#1: Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Ramen Chicken Soup with Noodles

dr mcdougalls vegan chicken ramen
Yes you heard right - a vegan chicken flavor. Made with organic ramen and featuring minimal ingredients, this tastes exactly like the chicken stock ramen you may have been used to if you were not always vegan. It takes under 10 minutes to prepare - simply remove the lid, add flavor packet, water, and place the carton in the microwave. No need to worry about cleaning up any pots, pans, or dishes. There's truly nothing better than easy clean-up. This is also the kind of carton you could stock up at college or in the office. It's a simple and healthy lunch.

#2: Nongshim Soon Noodle Soup, Veggie

vegan noodle soup brand
Registered with the Vegan Society, this soup has a great, mild flavor. The company prides itself in selecting high quality ingredients for its products - no unnecessary ingredients.

#3: Crystal Noodle Soup, Spicy Tofu

crystal noodle vegan ramen brand spicy tofu flavor
If you’re looking for some protein with your noodles, look no further. This bowl of noodles features a ton of silky tofu in its hearty broth. It's ready in just 3 minutes, making it the perfect meal if you’re on the move. It’s gluten-free, too!

#4: Lotus Foods Rice Ramen Noodles, Millet and Brown Rice with Miso Soup

millet brown vegan rice ramen brand

Made with non-GMO ingredients, low in sodium, low in fat, and best of all, vegan. These millet and brown rice noodles are a gluten-free take on traditional Japanese-style noodles. You can prepare them in 4 minutes. Perfect.

#5: Thai Kitchen Instant Rice Noodle Soup, Garlic and Vegetables

thai kitchen vegan ramen brands
Thai Kitchen never fails to bring awesome noodle products, and their instant rice noodle soup is no exception. Both gluten and egg-free, these noodles are delicate and are exceptional in the seasoned broth. Light and refreshing!

#6: Koyo Vegan Organic Noodle Ramen

koyo vegan ramen noodle brand

There are tons of flavor options when it comes to the Koyo brand, including garlic pepper, lemongrass ginger, and mushroom. Made with organic noodles, you won’t have to worry about any additives, MSG, or filler ingredients. Just whole ingredients, ready to eat in 4 minutes.

So, Which Brands Aren't Vegan?

The important thing to note is that not all ramen brands are as vegan-friendly as the ones listed above. Be careful for non-vegan brands, including:

  • Maruchan Soup
  • Top Ramen
  • Pot Noodles

Please note that you should also steer clear of chicken, beef, and shrimp flavors. Oriental is usually a safe bet, but may still include beef stock. When in doubt, it is always best to read the ingredients label or reach out to the brand and find out exactly what they are putting in their flavor packets. Don't hesitate and don't feel bad - you deserve to know what is in the food you are putting into your body!
best vegan ramen brands

If you're looking for an inexpensive, quick, and vegan-friendly dinner, these Ramen brands will not fail you. You could always go for bowl of vegan cereal, too. There's plenty of vegan cereal to go around!

Have you tried any of the above vegan ramen products? We'd love to hear which brands are your favorite. Share with us in the comments!

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