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Support Your Local Animal Rescue Shirt Berry Womens

'Support Your Local Animal Rescue'

'Support Your Local Animal Rescue'



These are the people who take that dog from the ball of matted, muddy fur to the adorable pup that steals your heart in those moving Facebook posts. These are folks who wake up at all hours to accept abandoned cats into their care and feed newborns who have become orphaned by cruel fate and fast traffic. Any kitty, puppy or, in these days of frequent natural disasters, livestock of all kinds may find themselves saved by the public servants who search the streets for the least powerful and give them the medicine and food that will keep them alive and give them dignity. If you've ever welcomed a Labrador, German Shepherd, Bulldog or a cute mutt who combines these and other lovely breeds into your family, then you have people from organizations like the SPCA to thank. Their shelters ensure humane treatment of every horse, cow, goat or turtle who comes through their doors. "Support Your Local Animal Rescue," so that everyone has the opportunity to adopt and save a life.