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Pig Pattern Socks

Pig Pattern Socks



Babe ain't got nothing on these piggies! And there's so many of them that there's no way you're counting them on just your fingers and toes. You'll have to borrow a few friends for that. And while you have them here, roll them into a conversation about animal rights and veganism. Get them thinking about becoming vegetarian and how they can reduce their carbon footprint just a few bites at a time. When climate change reverses and thousands of pigs are living cruelty-free lives, you can look back at that day on the couch, cozy in your plush, warm ankle-highs with the, "Pig Pattern Socks" and the conversation that changed it all! ... A bit too much credit for a pair of socks, however comfy they may be? All right, we'll concede that. But they are cool sox. Viva animal rights!

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Ribbed tube with Cushioned bottoms
  • Flat sublimation printing, color/pattern discrepancy can be seen on side seams

Pig Pattern sock sizing:

  S M L
Total Length, in 12.99 15.35 16.14
Width, in 3.94 3.94 3.94
Women's US size 6 - 8 8.5 - 11 11.5 - 13
Men's US size 5 - 6.5 7 - 9.5 10 - 13