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Cool Broccoli Socks

Cool Broccoli Socks



You're rockin' it now! Between your head and all the green guys on your ankles, you've got more sunglasses than anybody on the block, which automatically makes you cooler. That's why we put it in the name: "Cool Broccoli Socks." It's a way of life, this veganism, and animal-friendly living. If folks are chomping on pigs and cows instead of these tasty buggers then they have another thing comin'. Convert them to vegetarianism with your suave ways and your compelling arguments concerning global warming and poor living conditions. Show them what the popular peeps are doing -- baking kale chips and blenderizing a mean guacamole. You're comfy and warm as you whip up vegan delights, with one sock lifting into the air as you cantilever forward to pull those tasty morsels out of the oven. All the hotties are checking you out from by the fridge, and you overhear them saying, "I've gotta get me a pair of them sox, and a hot vegan to go with 'em!"

Part of our vegan socks collection. 

  S M L
Total Length, in 12.99 15.35 16.14
Width, in 3.94 3.94 3.94
Women's US size 6 - 8 8.5 - 11 11.5 - 13
Men's US size 5 - 6.5 7 - 9.5 10 - 13