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Say No To Ivory. Save The Elephants. Shirt White Womens

'Save The Elephants'

'Save The Elephants'



We are decades overdue on this one. The fact that we still need a shirt that declares, "Say No To Ivory, Save The Elephants," is an embarrassment to humanity. But we do need it, so let's wear it boldly. These magnificent creatures are becoming far too rare, and the tragedy deserves attention and serious effort to remedy it. We can share those news-stories about governments destroying hauls of ivory and laud their work. We can sign petitions, demand that our representatives put this issue on their agenda, and educate our friends about the shame of purchasing or possessing the tusks of a creature that was cut down for mere decoration. We've come so far, but we must go further.  Share your passion for saving the elephants with our new tee.  Comes in tee shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts!