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Artist Lisa Frank Teams Up With Glamour Dolls For Vegan Makeup Line

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

Were you obsessed with those cute and colorful Lisa Frank designs on your school supplies back in the 90s?  What cool girl didn’t want psychedelic kittens, unicorns, and other adorable critters on her notebooks and pencil cases? 

There’s exciting news for Lisa Frank fans who’ve grown up, started wearing makeup, and gone vegan…Lisa Frank is teaming up with the indie cruelty-free beauty brand Glamour Dolls to create a new vegan product line!

lisa frank vegan makeup brush

Right now, you can pre-order an adorable cruelty-free angled blush brush decorated with rainbow-colored unicorns.  Cruelty-free makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibers, not animal hairs like some other makeup brushes.  The new Lisa Frank brush will be ready to ship in April-May 2017 and will be the first in a new line of vegan products, including:

  • Lip Balm
  • Matte Mousse
  • Liquid Liner
  • Unicorn Lippie
  • Highlight Powder
  • Vegan Leather Makeup Bag

Glamour Dolls has set up a Kickstarter campaign for supporters to help them make the full Lisa Frank makeup line a reality.  All Glamour Dolls products are vegan and cruelty-free (the company is featured on the PETA “beauty without bunnies” website) and it is well-known for its fun and affordable vegan products. 


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