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Five Vegan Waffle Brands You Have To Try

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

Waffles usually get their best qualities (like being fluffy and moist) from decidedly non-vegan sources like buttermilk and butter.

So what is a plant eater to do? Not all of us have the time, energy, or resources to make a batch of homemade vegan waffles each morning with a vegan waffle mix like this one.

Thankfully, a few awesome brands have hopped on board and now make vegan-friendly frozen waffles that give you the flavor and texture of "real" waffles without compromising your cruelty-free lifestyle!

Vegan Waffle Brands

Vegan Waffle Brands

One of the most beloved of the vegan waffle brands is Nature's Path, an exclusively organic company. If everyone in your family is clamoring for a different breakfast, Nature's Path is your brand.

Their waffles come in a TON of unique flavors from pumpkin spice to dark chocolate chip to Maple Cinnamon. Looking for a bit of a boost with your quick breakfast?

Try the Chia Plus or Flax Plus varieties for added fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. No matter which you choose, all Nature's Path waffles are made with non-GMO and organic ingredients so you can feel good about choosing them.

Trader Joe's

Though they can only be found at Trader Joe's stores, their Gluten Free Toaster Waffles are a vegan favorite. They taste amazing but have none of the tummy (or conscience) upsetting properties that other frozen waffles contain.

Just pop one or two in the toaster, then add seasonal fruit, nut butter, or jam for a slightly sweet and crunchy morning treat. These are more affordable than some of the other brands on this list and if you regularly shop at Trader Joe's, they're a must-try. Vegans on a budget, take note!

Van's Simply Delicious

Van's is known for making great-tasting, family-friendly products that don't contain the added bad-for-you stuff.

For instance, all of their frozen breakfast products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project certified, and Kosher. This brand offers tons of vegan frozen waffles for you to try!

For gluten-free folks, give their GF Ancient Grains waffles a try. They also make regular organic waffles in Blueberry, Flax, and Totally Original, as well as the protein-packed Power Grains variety.


Kashi is always a good go-to for healthier convenience foods and their frozen waffles are no different. Their gluten-free waffles, which come in regular and cinnamon flavors, are made with whole grains and flax seed. With only 4 grams of sugar per serving but 3 grams of protein, these will easily keep you satisfied until lunch time! They're also a good source of fiber and taste great no matter how you top them.

Earth's Best Organic

Perfect for kids and adults alike, Earth's Best makes adorable mini waffles. They come in two flavors, Homestyle and Blueberry, and are just the right size for little hands to grab or for anyone to eat on the go! They're also ideal for dipping.

Both varieties are made from organic ingredients and are a great source of whole grains, iron, zinc, and B vitamins. With no hydrogenated oils and 0 grams of trans fat per serving, don't hesitate to treat your little ones to these pint-sized waffles!

365 Everyday Value

This organic brand found at Whole Foods stores offers more wholesome versions of fast family favorites. They offer two delicious frozen waffle varieties, Multigrain and Apple Cinnamon Mini waffles.

Both flavors are made with simple organic ingredients that give you that homemade waffle taste without all the work. Top with your favorite fruit or spread or use them as the "bread" to make an ice cream sandwich with your favorite vegan flavor.


Just because you have decided to live a cruelty-free lifestyle doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite foods. Waffles may seem off-limits but they don't have to be!

The vegan waffle brands above will help you get that homestyle breakfast flavor without any animal products. Plus they are so much more convenient than whipping up a batch of waffles on your own.

Simply pop one or two into your toaster or microwave, add the toppings of your choice (like some tasty vegan chocolate chips), and enjoy! Now it's easy to eat a nutritious breakfast at home or on the go that the whole family will love.

Vegan Belgian Waffle Brands

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