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Best Canned Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soups Guide

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

Cream of Mushroom Soup is a great addition to casseroles and acts as a warm tasty winter or early spring meal. But, let’s face it some cream of mushroom soups can’t always be called…..vegan.

Cream of mushroom soup often has fillers and ingredients like BPA and other harmful additives that can be very harmful.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to discovering the best vegan cream of mushroom soup canned or bagged while also giving you a heads up on which brands to avoid and the reasons you might need to do so.

What You Need to Know about Canned Cream of Mushroom Soups

It’s a good idea to consider organic bagged or canned vegan cream of mushroom soups for your next casserole or when a menu calls for a soup base.

This advice is due to high levels of additives found in most processed soups. Here’s just a bit of what we’ve found could be moving around in your non-vegan cream of mushroom soup can with reasons why you should take a pass if you see them in stores or online in an ingredient listing.


BPA is an endocrine disruptor and as been shown to bring on the outset of early puberty, causes obesity with other pre-cancerous changes in the body. BPA causes hormone disruption in the body and has also been shown to increase type 2 diabetes and also infertility.


Most processed store brand canned cream of mushroom soups contain higher than normal levels of sodium that can cause increased levels of high pressure in certain populations. Remember because certain brand processed cream of mushroom soups are highly processed, one serving could contain one-third of your daily allowance of sodium!

Whey or cream substitutes

Too many cream of mushroom soups contain less than 2% of dairy in cream of mushroom which means that they have been shown to contain several things that your body doesn’t need, such as GMO grains and rBGH, which is recombinant bovine growth hormone which is contained in most processed milk.

MSG or other chemically produced glutamic acids

Adding MSG to store processed can soup is often a cheap streamlined way to increase the flavor in can soup, but understand that MSG is really sodium salt of glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is hidden in most processed canned soups under the guise of soy protein concentrate and yeast extract.

Modified food starch

Reading like a who’s who of things to avoid in a soup, modified food starch is a catch-all phrase that simply means that the starch contains or has GMO corn which means that it could have been processed physically or chemically to alter its natural properties.

Non-vegan cream of mushroom soups you should avoid

Campbell’s condensed cream of mushroom

This brand is filled with another who’s who lists of ingredients to avoid in a cartoned, package or canned cream of mushroom soup. It’s filled with highly processed oils that are high in trans Fat plus a whopping 870 milligrams of sodium.

Progresso creamy mushroom soup

Progresso's creamy mushroom is another brand with high levels of Soy lecithin, MSG and other known allergens.

Wolfgang Puck creamy mushroom soup

While Puck’s creamy mushroom soup several decent organic ingredients, it is still high in MSG and BPA additives and should be avoided until those issues are addressed.

Knowing what’s in these processed soups can quickly guide vegans toward great catroned or canned vegan of mushroom soups with the right balance of ingredients to make their special casserole or meal the best that it can be.

Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup Brand

Imagine Creamy Portobello mushroom soup

Imagines’ creamy Portobello has everything needed for a great organic vegan soup consuming experience. The soup is smooth creamy and made with sautéed white mushrooms paired with onions, celery, and potatoes. This soup also has a strong woodsy flavor that can be easily paired with more fresh mushrooms, spinach, and dried tortellini to make a great one skillet meal. There is a nice ‘wow’ factor that makes Imagines’ creamy Portobello with its distinctive natural mushroom flavor taste even better once warmed. At first opening of the package, the consistency is slightly pasty. However, once warmed the consistency begins to level out into a smooth cream soup with a warm mellow taste.


These are just some of honestly good packaged and canned vegan cream of mushroom soup available for vegans today. These great products contain everything needed to maintain a solid vegan lifestyle that doesn’t compromise on quality, flavor and have plenty of hearty heart-warming ingredients that you'll love to try. So, tell us what you think of our cream of mushroom review guide. Are there any brands that you think we need to try out? If so, leave a comment below and we’ll look into them!


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