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11 Animal Rights Shirts With A Powerful Message

Posted by Aaron Seminoff on

You’re a strong person looking for an impactful message to put on your most personal billboard, your chest. Make every inch strike straight at their hearts with these animal rights shirts!


1. Double Standard

double standard animal rights shirt

Most people have never paused to consider that their dogs are one lovable animal among many and, if we can connect to them on such a deep level, then that has tremendous repercussions for how we treat other species. Realizing this “Double Standard” can be a veritable sucker punch, but a much needed one. Every cow and pig has the same capacity for attachment and grieving as the cherished pets we’ve held birthdays and memorial services for. Get the shirt here.

2. Animals Are Not Ours To Exploit 

animals are not ours to exploit tshirts

Humans are too possessive. We forget that everything with a life has as much value as us, and with these intense words like “exploit” and “not ours” up front and center, it becomes striking how selfish our thinking has become. If, “Animals Are Not Ours To: Eat, Wear, Experiment On Or Exploit,” then the passerby taking in your shirt suddenly must confront every action they take, from the shoes they put on in the morning to their choice of dessert. The urgency is clear. Pick up this shirt here.

3. Thanks But No Tanks

thanks but no tanks animal rights shirt

Humor has power, so a pun that captures their imagination with a graphic that’s unforgettable carries the change you’re trying to make beyond that instant and into their behaviors. If you intend to save lives with your apparel, then make sure that its content is visceral. There’s nothing like forlorn expressions on gorgeous mammals to drive home the point that entertainment cannot be at the expense of humanity. Get this shirt here.

4. Be Kind To Every Kind

be kind to every kind animal rights t shirt

There’s more to transforming strangers than confronting them with their hypocrisy and guilt; love is a tremendous tool. “Be Kind To Every Kind,” appeals to those who are more motivated by positivity than anything else, showing without having to say it outright that even the smallest and scaliest among us have hearts and inherent worth. You don’t have to shout to be heard, and you aren’t required to throw a punch to make a point. This is how you share a smile and a message in the same instant. Pick up this shirt in multiple colors/styles here.

5. Be The Voice For The Voiceless

be the voice for the voiceless animal activist t shirt

If your gut doesn’t twist at the thought of this pig needing to save his kind but having no way to get through to us, then you’re in the wrong place. Evoke that same haunting experience in countless others. Make it clear from the get go that these are valued beings and not things we’re talking about. From there, let the implied cries and pleas sail through the air, stopping them the next time they reach for the carnivore’s menu. This shirt is is available in multiple styles/colors here.

6. Animals Are Here With Us, Not For Us

animal rights shirts

In all too many systems of power, the oppressors have turned beings into objects at their disposal. No More! “Animals Are Here With Us, Not For Us!” Your words have the greatest bang for their buck when you say them straight up and without frills or caveats. Cows don’t belong to us and exist solely for us to carve up, just as your child cannot be put to work in a sweatshop -- their lives are intrinsically valid. Pick up this shirt in tee, tank, or sweatshirt here.

7. Save The Elephants Shirt

save the elephants shirt

Instead of making a diffuse call to rescue all animals, you can hone in your efforts on behalf of one species, like the majestic elephant. Just as in any social justice effort, a multi-pronged approach is best, so pick your battle and fight for the ones you’ve chosen. “Say No To Ivory, Save The Elephants,” is one tool in the belt of the pachyderm advocate. Stick it out there resolutely for all to see and collaborate with activists the world round to measure your impact year by year. Snag this powerful save the elephants shirt here.

8. Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk

not your mom not your milk animal rights t shirts

Hold the mundane bits of life up to the microscope to catch as much attention as possible. So many people are drinking milk without a second thought, so this is a great approach to altering their view on animals in general. If they can begin by questioning their weird habit of taking baby food from another species’ body and giving it to our adults, then the door opens to wondering why we’re eating meat at all and how it’s okay to test our shampoos on them. You can pick up this awesome activist t shirt here.

9. The Earth Is Here For All Of Us, Not Some Of Us

animal rights and activist tshirts

Language can create identity, so employ yours to make “us” the unity of all living creatures, from the stoic lion to the fidgeting hare, encompassing our intelligent selves alongside the smaller intellect of the goldfish. While most of the world is looking for division, using words to separate and ignite conflict, you can bring us together in a way that engenders compassion. Get yours here.

10. Saving One Animal 

saving one animal rescue shirts

Your Facebook feed can make you feel insignificant and the news takes all the wind out of your sail, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless -- not in the least. Every small act of good is part of a groundswell transformation. Once upon a time, women had nearly zero control over their own lives, and look how far we’ve come. By the same token, every animal saved should lift your spirits, because that’s one consciousness that survives and has the chance to thrive. Pick up this heartwarming animal rescue t shirt here.

11. The Only Difference Is Your Perception

the only difference is your perception animal rights t shirts

There’s nothing more pivotal than making someone aware of the confines of their own perspective and showing them another way to see our world. And while most pictures are worth a thousand words, this one is certainly worth double because of the level gaze of both the pig and dog, challenging you to see any less personality and value in one of the two. This shirt drives the point home that it’s our job to change. Pick up one here.

Bonus: Cruelty Free Hat

cruelty free vegan hats

Go ahead, throw your hat into the ring! There’s nothing like the word, “cruelty” to get a person to sit up straight and pay attention. Every inch of fabric on that bod of yours is an opportunity, and this one is best used to save a life or prevent someone’s furry pain. You’ve got this. Pick up this awesome vegan hat here.

Who you are should inform how you decide to engage in these important discussions with your friends and acquaintances; are you an extrovert who is going to chat up ethics at cocktail parties, or are you going to strut your shirt down the street, letting your message precede you? Is powder pink universal love your speed, or are you looking to stir up some heavy emotions? Anything goes, so long as you’re motivated by a compassionate duty to every living being. Embrace your ability to affect change and channel that energy. You have so many tools in this effort, from news articles to humor and empathy, so feel free to tuck your shirt into that vegan belt and march forward impactfully.


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Bev Marker

October 31, 2017

These are the best animal rights t-shirts I’ve seen. They are simple messages that pack a lot of punch. It will be impossible for me to pick just one!

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