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'Kale Socks'

'Kale Socks'



Ah, Kale. Once the internet and social media craze of it has wound down it's still the greatest of all the leafy greens. It's full of vitamins A, B, C and K and even packs plenty of protein. It's great raw and in a salad and as frills for a sandwich, but it's also pretty great lightly cooked in a stew. Now you can get your daily kale in a new and fun way - you can get these new 'Kale Socks'! Plenty of people still find it fashionable to say that they love Kale but you're the real deal. Tell all the pretenders that Kale is so much more than an attention grabbing post.


  • 8" crew socks
  • Fits (approximately) shoe size 7-13 
  • Unisex