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Our Favorite Vegan Cream Cheese Brands

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Cheese has traditionally been made out of domesticated animal milk and the most popular are from the cow, buffalo, goat, sheep and camel.

The process has been to extract an enzyme called “Rennet” found within the stomachs of these animals and using it in a coagulation process which finally produces cheese.

Vegans do not consume any animal products, in which case cheese produced in this traditional method is anathema to them but they do have alternatives which are the recently developed vegan products to titillate their palates.

Vegan products are ample and among them are many vegan cream cheese brands that being consumed by them prolifically, as it is very similar in taste to the traditionally produced animal product.

To those vegans who are obsessed with refraining from the consumption of any animal products, even dairy that has been consumed for millennia, this is an ideal foil.

We review the five top vegan cream cheese brands that are available in the market to help those ardent vegans, out there, to go and try them out themselves.

Vegans are increasing all around the world and with more vegans joining in, the range of products have also widened and there are more vegan delicacies to be found near you, giving a wider choice to encourage more to join this fraternity.

As a vegan today you would not have much of an issue to find food products to have a balanced diet because there are ample and enough around unlike a few years ago when this whole vegan issue came into being.

Best Vegan Cream Cheese

#1. Tofutti

This product has a shelf life of 240 days and is just delicious, and this is what those who have consumed the product have to say and is made available in five flavors.

It is rich and creamy and is very much similar to the real dairy milk produced product, that recently turned vegans could consume without skipping a beat of their hearts knowing well that they are keeping their resolve in a good and meritorious act of refraining from any animal products.

Tofutti could be considered as the best vegan cream cheese for being a quality product which has surpassed the expectations of many even the non-vegans who have been unable to distinguish between “the real thing” as they would call it.

The product is made available in convenient eight (08) ounce packs with a case of twelve (12) costing US $ 70.05 with each costing US $ 5.84, which can be ordered online too.

Can be elevated as one of the best if not the best vegan cream cheese among quite an impressive list of some of the best non dairy cream cheese available to provide a wholesome diet without any loss in essential food values to our systems.  

#2. Follow Your Heart

Constituted with most of the food values, anyone would need to get whilst consuming the traditional cream cheese like fat, protein, carbohydrates, fiber and all the required units of calories, this could be one of the best non dairy cream cheese available for the ardent vegans out there.

It consists of 70% certified organic ingredients and is available in one delicious flavor which has been widely accepted by vegans and all those non-vegans as well, who have been unable to pick much of a difference between the dairy produced cream cheese, that they have been traditionally consuming for ages.

It has a very creamy taste and it may not only be vegans who would love one of the best non dairy cream cheese but also others, to bring about a little spice into their lives instead of always relying on animal products to titillate their dairy craving palates.     

#3. Trader Joe’s

Manufactured without the use of any hydrogenated oils, sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives or any colors permitted or not and is made available in one flavor which propels this very healthy product into the realms of being one of the best vegan cream cheese spreads, which would be loved by all vegans and others as well.

Trader Joe’s is made from the best refined coconut oil that is sourced from the best nuts and mixed with sunflower oil as well and soy protein to bring that unique taste, that not only vegans would love but other non-vegans too. 

This product is available in an eight (08) ounce tub which is priced at an incredible US $ 2.49 each making it one of the best non dairy cream cheese at a price less than US $ 2.50.

#4. Daiya

Vegans have taken to this product like ducks taking to water just for the sheer fruity taste that it provides in three flavors with strawberry topping the list.

Like all other cream cheese, vegans or otherwise this product too needs refrigeration and is delivered in its freshest form after being manufacture in temperature regulated freezer shipping which are to international standards.

Made available in an eight (08) ounce pack like most of the other brands in this category it holds forte in its own right as one of the best vegan cream cheese you could pick up from your nearest outlet or order it online for a very competitive price of US $ 52.95 for a case of six (06) units and each at US $ 8.83. 

#5. Go Veggie

Another super vegan cream cheese brand to give all those animal loving vegans out there a product that would not in any way create a vacuum in their diets for the loss of a good spread for their much needed breakfast before rushing off on their busy chores.

Produced to hygienic standards and available in three (03) great flavors, plain, strawberry, chive and garlic it makes a great breakfast spread and is one of the best vegan cream cheese to keep even non vegan kids interested in this versatile product.

Go Veggie contains no lactose, cholesterol or gluten making this product ideal even for all those health freaks around who like to keep fit and strong.    

Best Non Dairy Cream Cheese

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