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Save The Whales Racerback Tank Top Mint Womens

'Save The Whales'

'Save The Whales'




Your uncle can't stop talking about seeing them on that cruise to Alaska and every time you watch Finding Nemo you develop a feverish urge to buy Rosetta Stone. But there would be no use, because the language lessons you're looking for belong to the domain of Dory and the whales you both adore. "Save The Whales," so that generations can follow in our footsteps by looking up whale videos on YouTube and feeling inspired by the strange songs that the world's largest mammals bestow. Prevent the Moby Dicks of the world from harming these creatures that we no longer need to kill for the fuel in their fat. Check out the latest electric cars and sea-friendly fishermen out there; we've come to a point where we have a choice about whether to hurt animals unnecessarily or buy something that respects our seas and endangered species as much as possible. So, use that credit card to greatest avail -- divest from abusers and spend on those who are working for the same causes you value. Your uncle and Dory will thank you.