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100% Vegan Tote Bag

100% Vegan Tote Bag

100% Vegan Tote Bag



This pure, "100% Vegan" Tote has been freshly squeezed from the ripe fruit of compassion and ethics. Savor the zesty personality, the healthful benefits of having dinner at my place, the kind of interpersonal experience that leaves you asking yourself, "Did this person just wake up on the right side of the bed today, or are they always this vital?" Yes, this biped has been cultivated from trees of environmental awareness, all the way from the first moments of basking in the sunshine of healthy gut fauna to the last stages of polishing this exterior with clothes and cosmetics that are as humanely made as possible. When you're at the store, browsing for a new pal or lover, we know you have a choice, so thank you for choosing the planet-friendly option. Our new 100% Vegan Tote is the perfect way to share your vegan passion.  100% pure and proud of it!

Part of our environmental collection.

 Available in three different sizes: 13", 16" & 18"!

  • 100% Polyester
  • Boxed corners
  • Black cotton handles
  • Black lining