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'Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Socks'

'Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Socks'



Your own mother would be udderly appalled to find a random colt or kid sucking up the nectar of life she produced for you, her little darling. So why devour somebody else's baby bottle? So flaunt your own inner cow and vocal vegan with a pair of fluffy, cozy, crazy socks that give you your own spots -- and a pretty swanky udder to go with them. If that bovine is "Not Your Mom" then that is "Not Your Milk," so don't go slurping it up, you weirdo! Decking yourself out in sox with a sense of humor and a message makes sense, but drinking someday else's baby formula certainly doesn't. If one "got milk" add can convince people that they should consume something that our bodies can't adequately extract calcium from, then certainly one warm knee-high sock will change the mind of the masses away from this strange omnivore diet. Wriggle your toes in delight and enjoy putting a little cheeky -- or should we say uddery-- message out there.


  • 8" crew socks
  • Fits (approximately) shoe size 7-13 
  • Unisex