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Save The Snow Leopards Women's Tank

Save The Snow Leopards Women's Tank



The movie Mitty did its part to draw attention to the gorgeous snow leopard (fabulous photography, anyone?), now what are you going to do about it? Perhaps you're not up for quitting your desk job in favor of an adventure to the most remote peaks of the Himalayas, but you do have Internet connectivity and a proclivity for clicking on apparel adds, so put it to good use! Make sure every Tom, Dick, and Carrie see you cruising through town with, "Save the Snow Leopard" emblazoned on your chest. Get them talking about their endangered status and how global warming is going to wreak havoc on their environments. Suggest to them a few lifestyle changes or organizations to support and sleep easy tonight knowing that you're doing something about it. The snow leopard may stay out of sight, but that doesn't mean you have to. Be an activist for those who can't stand in the spotlight and ensure species diversity for the inspiration of kids so far in the future that they won't even know who Taylor Swift is, let alone have heard of the flick Mitty.

Part of our endangered animals collection.

  • Slim fit - runs smaller than usual
  • 60% Soft cotton; 40% Polyester
  • Extra light comfortable fabric
  • Tear away label

Save The Snow Leopards women’s tank top measurements:

Width, in 13.98 15.00 15.98 16.97 17.99 18.98
Length, in 26.97 27.48 27.95 28.46 28.98 29.49